Welcome to the Multiscale Thermal Transport Laboratory (MTTL)

The research focus of MTTL are nano-, micro-, and macroscale heat and mass transfer in laser-materials interactions, thermal management, and energy systems. We are particularly interested on transport phenomena in multiphase and multicomponent systems with phase changes and chemical reactions.

  • [11-01-2016] Dr. Yuwen Zhang publishes a new book.
  • [08-24-2016] MU researchers aim to increase accuracy of nanoscale simulations.
  • [07-22-2016] Raihan Tayeb obtains his MS in Summer 2016.
  • [07-20-2016] Pengfei Ji obtains his Ph.D. in Summer 2016.
  • [04-22-2016] Sam M. Pouryoussefi obtains his Ph.D. in Spring 2016.
  • [12-25-2015] Dr. Yuwen Zhang has been named as a fellow of AAAS.
  • [10-09-2015] Nazia Afrin passes her Ph.D. Defense in Fall 2015
  • [09-03-2014] Dr. Yuwen Zhang has been appointed as MAE department chair
  • [05-09-2014] Yijin Mao obtains his Ph.D. in Spring 2014
  • [04-17-2014] Xin Dou obtains his MS in Spring 2014
  • [03-13-2014] Yijin Mao won Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award
  • [10-07-2013] Dr. Junjao Zhang joins MTTL as a Visiting Scholar