Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Parallel Simulator (SPHPS) is a High-performance computer software package developed by Multiscale Thermal Transport Laboratory (MTTL) at University of Missouri-Columbia. It is inspired and designed based on the structure of the open source software LAMMPS ( developed at Sandia National Laboratory. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics is a promising pure-Lagrangian Numerical Method that use particles to reproduce the computational domain of interest and discretize each term of goverening equations using Kernel function. This approach enables us to simulate mass destruction, large deformation, crack development and so forth where mesh-based method cannot handle appropriately due to large mesh distortion. More importantly, this provides a more natural numerical mean to solve fluid structure interation problem where the fluid-solid interaction can be easily realized with simple pairwise interation. It is our motivation to provide a general platform for scientists interested in cracking down challenging computer modeling problems through contributing new models to the existing code. With the supervision and support from Prof. Yuwen Zhang, Yijin Mao as the lead designer and developer, MTTL group aims to conduct all sophosticated computer modeling within this framework. For example, fluid-structure interaction. Distinguished from the other FSI simulation tool, SPHPS has full capability to simulate the interaction between fluid phase and solid phase accurately, meanwhile, the stress wave propogation within the solid phase can also be preciously captured. It is our intention to create a parallel open source code that is easy and convenient for researchers to modify and extend to full meet their own research needs.

SPHPS is currently written in C++. The parallelism is fulfilled by using the domain decomposition technique and managed by the message passing interface (MPI) library. It can be run on single processor or multiple processors machine which can compile C++ and support MPI library. It is a free open source software package under the GNU license.

In this document, the instruction of each command is provided in terms of category and alphabetic order. Currently, we are still adding more details into this manual. For any unclear command instruction, user can follow LAMMPS website for more details. If you have any question, please feel free to contact the lead developer Yijin Mao for further information.



Major Research Accomplishment by SPHPS
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