Ultrafast, Ultraintense Laser Materials Processing:

Ultrafast and/or ultraintense laser interaction with metals, high bandgap materials, biological materials, and nanoparticulate systems for applications in nanomanufacturing and biological systems.

Multiscale Transport Phenomena in Multiphase Systems:

Fluid flow and heat and mass transfer in multiphase systems with solid-liquid, liquid-vapor, or solid-vapor phase changes as applied in thermal processing, thermal management, and energy systems.

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Parallel Simulator:

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Parallel Simulator (SPHPS) is a software package developed by Multiscale Thermal Transport Laboratory (MTTL) at University of Missouri. It is inspired and designed based on the structure of the open source software LAMMPS. Clike here to learn more and download the simulator.

Inverse Problems and Optimization under Uncertainty:

Multidimensional inverse heat transfer problems for determination or heating condition and/or temperature-dependent macro and micro thermophysical properties under uncertainty. Optimization of thermal-fluids, manufacturing, and energy systems under uncertainty (click here for a partial summary of our work).