Current Members

  • Dr. Nazia Afrin, Research Specialist II, Uncertainty Quantification
  • Dr. Jongwook Choi, Visiting Professor, Numerical Simulation of Liquid-Vapor Syetem with OpenFOAM
  • Dr. Zhiguo Lei, Visiting Professor, Thermal management of lithium-ion battery package
  • Dr. Ming Zhao, Visiting Scholar, Nonlinear Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Shahab K. Mohammadian, Ph.D. Student, Energy Storage and Heat Transfer Enhancement
  • Moein Rassoulinejad-Mousavi, Ph.D. Student, Micro- and Nanoscale Heat Transfer
  • Raihan Tayeb, Ph.D. Student, Transport Phenomena in Nanoparticulate Systems
  • Sahir R. Almuhna, Ph.D. Student, Liquid-Vapor Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Yu Han, Visiting Ph.D. Student, Pollutant Removal and Energy Utilization in Coal-fired Power Generation System
  • Yingying Sun, Visiting Ph.D. Student, Heat Transfer in Polymer Composites








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